How To Discover The Number 1 Must-Have When Working With A Professional Interior Designer

And What To Avoid If The Right Questions Are Asked Up Front

David Joseph KatonaWhen considering working with a professional Interior Designer, there are a few key points to review prior to making any decision on why you may wish to work with an Interior Designer.

  • Does Their Understanding Of What Interior Design Is Really About Match Your Desired Results?
  • Are They Willing To Have The Necessary and Sometimes Uncomfortable Conversations Prior To Beginning Your Project? And Do You Know What These Conversations Should Be?
  • How Will They Handle The Inevitable And Sometimes Difficult Challenges That Are Inherent In Every Project?
  • Do They Understand The Key Phases That Every Project Goes Through And Professionally Navigate You Through The Process?
  • Is There A Clearly Defined Strategy Of Their Responsibilities And Yours?

These are just of few of the important points to review with any potential Interior Designer.

There are also a few reasons why you may not wish to work with an Interior Designer.

  • Are They Willing To Discuss With You The Importance Of Transparency And How They Consistently Implement This Communication?
  • Do They Design The Space Based On Their Vision Or Yours?
  • How Do They Answer Your Prepared List Of Interview Questions That Address More Than Their Ability To Make A Space Look Aesthetically Pleasing?

Again, these are just a few of the important points to review during the interview process with a prospective Interior Designer; there are many more that should be addressed.

While many industry professionals offer answers on what to consider; such as budget, expectations of services rendered, time savings, expanded access to resources, and a trained eye just to name a few, I have one guiding metric that supersedes all the others, and one directive clearly communicated from the beginning.

The one guiding metric: do we share a foundational core of personal values?

You find a match in personal values and the game changes for the better, exponentially.

How many times have you hired someone and had a conversation based on fundamental core values? If you don’t have this conversation, you’re heading for potential disaster.

And my clearly defined directive; what will it take for me to earn and sustain your unquestionable trust?

Do you entrust your financial advisor with your investments and not do any due diligence into who they are as a person?

So why would you entrust your most personal living space and the financial investment involved to be any different?

It’s not about what they do; it’s about who they are.

With over 3 decades of professional service, I’ve discovered what works and what does not between the designer/client relationship, and what ultimately produces the most successful projects.

I’ve compiled a simple process to learn what matters most to you, the client, and how you can utilize these best-practice methods to determine if working with a particular designer is a right fit.

It’s taken me over 30 years of hands-on experience to compile this insight, and it would be my service to you to share this valuable information with you, free and with absolutely no obligation.

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