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Drawing on thirty years of experience designing exquisite residences, David Joseph Katona delivers vision, style, and flawless execution to his timeless designs, both interior, and exterior. Katona’s work is recognized for its seamless harmony between classic interiors, inspiring gardens, and distinctive architectural features. In executing his projects, he calls upon long-term relationships with best-in-class furnishing purveyors and antiquarians, the finest artisans, and the most distinguished architects, contractors, and technicians in the business. Every phase is supervised by implementing the highest systems management standards. Projects, ranging from family homes to vacation retreats and equestrian estates, have been featured in numerous publications including Traditional Home, which recently named him “one of California’s best.”


Art Collections

Installation of new acquisitions or existing collections is curated with established relationships within the auction house and art industry. Whether expanding an existing or establishing a new collection, the vast resources available will ensure a quality and timeless investment.

Color Specialization

Color is individually subjective as well produces a psychologically responsive interaction. Color specialization requires analysis to determine complementary and supportive color palettes. These palettes are then utilized to escalate the overall positive design experience.

Custom Cabinetry Design

Unique and specialized criteria require innovative solutions. Custom built-ins and cabinetry satisfies these requirements and subsequently enhances the overall custom aesthetic and functionality of the project.

Custom Furniture Design

Elevating the caliber and differentiating from mass-produced items, custom furniture enriches the individual characteristics and provides an exclusive design approach to the interior design.

Custom Kitchen & Bath Design

A detailed custom Kitchen and Bath design advances the customized functionality of the space and allows for the task at hand to efficiently be performed.

Detailed Space & Floor Planning

Space and floor planning takes advantage of the multitude of options available for a particular space and concludes the most visually engaging and effective pattern flow for the environment.

General & Object-Specific Electrical & Lighting Design

Illumination of space and specialized objects is heightened when detailed plans and construction documentation is included. Proper illumination dramatically increases the experience and interaction of a particular task or detail thus providing a more enjoyable experiential ambiance.

Interior Architectural Detailing & Design

Complementing the interior details and furnishings is the integral component of Interior Architectural Detailing and Design. Experience and extensive research is utilized to insure the supporting architectural styles enrich the overall artistic beauty of the surroundings.

Lifestyle Organization

Organization is a key element in functionality and a beneficial component to a positive mental state of being. Spaces that are detailed and organized ultimately support the personal individualized goals and lifestyle of the client therefore allowing an effective and productive use of the home or office.

Screening Rooms

State-of-the-art technology is integrated through relationships with best-in-class specialists in the home theater and screening room industry. Providing comfort and visual enjoyment, the interior design aesthetics augment the theatrical experience with specified features and materials.

Smart Home Technology

State-of-the-art technology is incorporated by working closely with reputable experts in the Smart Home Technology field. The synthesis of technology and design aesthetics seamlessly joins together to provide the ultimate in efficiency and functionality

Visual Documentation – Auto Cad / Drawings / Elevations / Renderings

Supporting construction and installation documentation is paramount in implementing today’s interior design high standards. Current CAD and computer programs documenting drawings, elevations, renderings, etc., provide an unparalleled visual communication to the client and construction team.

Specialized Projects

  • Equestrian Properties & Facilities
  • Estate Properties
  • Executive Corporate Suites
  • High-Rise Properties
  • Vacation Residential Properties
  • Investment Properties
  • Multiple Residence Locations
  • Primary Residence Designs
  • Interior Architectural Designs


Asian Influence

Asian cultural influences are simultaneously harmonized with an eclectic infusion of complementing cultures, periods, styles, etc. In juxtaposition to their surroundings, simplistic yet precise placement enhances the experiential appreciation of the individualized beauty of architecture, furnishings, and objects. Emphasis is placed on orientation, balance, and placement.

Bauhaus Modern

The 20th-century school of design philosophies characterizes Bauhaus Modern design. These aesthetic philosophies are derived from techniques and materials employed in industrial fabrication and manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on the principles of severe geometry of form, functionalism and a purest respect of the utilized materials

Classic Contemporary

Classic Contemporary design is foundationally structured in Bauhaus philosophies and interprets the translation to offer timeless, innovative and modern design applications. Void of trends, the emphasis highlights the power of less in art, quality, attention to detail, and inviting atmospheric environments.


Contemporary interiors transcend their Modernism and Postmodernism origins to provide an innovative, creative and novel approach to the design aesthetic. Contemporary architecture or interiors express without preconceived limitations. Emphasis is on technology, flowing curvilinear form, imaginative and original design solutions.


Eclectic interiors select a diverse range of furnishing periods and styles to curate rooms that reflects a collected and well-traveled identity. To maximize a congruent relationship between the contrasting elements, emphasis is contingent upon scale, balance, and attention to detail.

European Traditional

European Traditional design incorporates classic architectural and period furnishing styles originating in European cultures. Producing an established persona, emphasis is placed on the curated historical blending of fine period reproductions, art, antiques, and complementing textiles.

Period/ Historic Home Restoration

With finite precision, Period or Historic Restoration design accurately reflects a particular period in design by utilizing furnishings, materials, and details of the era. Emphasis is placed on period or historic accuracy and authenticity. Renovation allows for flexibility to go beyond a particular period and updates the design to more current technology and styles with respect to the design origins.


Rustic design often transitions the natural geological locations and cultures into the interior and architectural decisions of the structure. Indigenous materials often inspire the material and color palette; and emphasis is placed on furnishing and specific details consistent with native inhabitants.

Urban Zen

Urban Zen design implements classic Bauhaus philosophies such as form follows function and less is more; while simultaneously incorporating within the urban setting Eastern cultural philosophies of nature, balance, harmony, and an overall sense of tranquil peace and wellbeing.

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